Parents and Physicians Thoughts about Trampoline Safety

Decatur- It's a source of exercise and fun, but trampolines can also be a source of injury. One physician in Decatur warns against them. However, some parents said, they're beneficial.

Todd Vemmer's daughter can do a "front flip, back flip, a cartwheel, pretty much anything."

She has been brushing up on her trampoline skills, ever since her dad said the gift was installed in the backyard.

"We keep an eye on them through the window when they are out here doing things. Especially if they have a lot of friends they are not allowed to do flips and stuff," Todd Vemmer said.

With new tricks, St. Mary's Pediatrics Physician Samir Patel said, injuries follow.

"Common injuries we see besides sprains, we see dislocations, we see fractures and these don't occur from mostly falling off, they occur on the bouncing by itself," Patel said.

Patel agrees with the American Academy of Pediatrics which discourages at home trampolines. In 2009 it was reported more than 97,000 injuries.

"Most of the data shows that even using padding or netting doesn't prevent these injuries. In fact it gives them a false sense of security," Patel added.

"You know you get the minor scraps and little bruises. . . It's not a big deal," said Eric Smith who owns a trampoline.

For Smith, it's tradition. He grew up with one and for his kids it's a way to get them out of the house.

"Get them away from the TV or the Xbox," Smith added.

Many parents agree with Smith.

"I've been fortunate that they haven't gotten hurt," Vemmer said.

Patel said, the amount of injuries are going down. However, the more jumpers on a trampoline at one time, increases the number of injuries.
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