Niantic Offering Cash Prizes for Property Clean-up

NIANTIC-Leaders in one area town are offering people cash incentives to clean up their properties.  The Revitalize Niantic group started the first ever Curb Appeal contest.  They have three prizes ranging from 100 to 300 dollars going to the most improved property.
    People can register at the State Bank of Niantic or online through Facebook
    The committee takes before and after photos and makes the decision June 15th. 
    Jim Waddell is on that committee and says they're trying to spur some economic development too. 
    "We're sort of hurting in the community, we've lost our little convenience store and restaurant that happened back in March, and we're hopeful to get that going again," says Waddell.
    If you'd like to get more information, just head to our website and click on "sitewatch."
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