Champaign Will Not Ban Smoking in Parks

Joe DeLuce takes the effects of second hand smoke seriously.  He's lost a close relative to lung cancer.  Wednesday night, he lead a Champaign Park District board meeting on whether or not they should ban smoking in public parks.

"It's really a growing trend across the country and across the state," said DeLuce.  "Several park districts have implemented smoke-free parks, smoke-free beaches.  A lot of people are looking at it so we decided it'd be a good idea to look at it."

Ultimately deciding not to ban smoking.

"The board at this time, we have no really major issues or major complaints about it so at this time the board says we'd like to study some more, take a look at it, and maybe bring it back up later," said DeLuce.

Parents like Turance Cobb say there should be a ban.

"They're are cigarette buds everywhere, little kids playing," said Cobb.  "They don't really need to see that.  Plus, it's a big deal to clean up too."

Champaign resident, Robert Sallee agrees.  "I don't think that they take under consideration that the kids are out here and that smoke could affect them."

But two voices aren't enough to cause change.

"I think it'll take a lot more people speaking out and coming to the meetings and saying, you know, i don't want my kids around that," said Cobb.

DeLuce says, "If we saw a lot of litter from cigarette buds, and we had a lot of people complaining about people smoking around playground and around kids, I think that would be a big issue and we would have to deal with it at that time."

Keeping parks, in the meantime, an okay place to light up.
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