Deputies Ticket Drivers on Cell Phones

MACON COUNTY-During construction season, the roads can feel more like an obstacle course.  Drive through one holding a cell phone, it's a class A misdemeanor, meaning a mandatory court appearance.
    "We really are trying to put the message out there that we're not going to deal with it," says Macon County Deputy Cassandra Barnes.
    She's part of a traffic enforcement detail Friday on the Elwin Blacktop.  A spotter stands with a construction workers on one side of the zone and describes the vehicle of a driver on a cell phone.  The deputies pull over and ticket that driver.  None of those drivers get off with a warning. 
    They started the detail because out of 100 drivers in a construction zone workers with the Macon County Highway Department counted 79 on cell phones.
    "To me it just says people are just ignoring the law and they're going to use their phone anyway," says Sgt. Jim Hermann.
    So the sheriff's department is trying to put an end to it
    "We are going to try to do this enforcement the entire summer," says Hermann. 
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