Illinois May Offer 100 Million Tax-Payer Dollars to Build Presidential Library

The Spring Session of the Illinois General Assembly has come to a close, but with a lot a unfinished business.  Among them: should Illinois spend millions on an Obama Presidential Library?  It's a move  that could bring big bucks to the state. Outbidding New York and Hawaii and building the library in Illinois is what some state lawmakers want. They would lure the decision makers with 100 millions dollars of tax money.  Illinois tax payers say it's money the state doesn't have.

"It's not a hundred thousand dollars we've got," said Bill Flott.  "It would be borrowed money."

Many people believe those dollars should be going toward other things.

"There's a lot of people that need things in this state that aren't getting it, said Decatur resident, Ernie Gotham.  "And they're are too many people that are getting it that don't need it."

High school student Khristaun Madding says, "The school systems, they're just getting people through school and not really, like, educating them.  They're just doing what they have to do to get more money for the school."

Mainly Democrats have been pushing the measure.  Republicans agree that it would bring in money from tourism, but it should be funded privately.

"All the other libraries have been funded privately, said Flott.  "I think if we're going to have that library here in Illinois, it ought to be funded that way also."

This is one of many ideas that  will be revisited in the next session.
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