Self Diagnose when you have a Strange Symptom

Have you ever had a strange symptom, so you Googled it, then thought you were dying. Many of us self diagnose and are not ashamed to admit it.

Randy Wiggins said, "if I feel like it's not that big of an issue, I try to self diagnose or go to WebMD."

WebMD or MedicineNET has its benefits, or you can turn a simple symptom into a major disease.

Dr. Kimberley Hanneken at St. Mary's Hospital said, "if you go to WebMD you are going to get a merit of entries and there could be some scary stuff."

For Darline Simpson she said, she has "used Google to look up things and unfortunately it was wrong."

Simpson has learned her lesson, especially now that she has a rash on her arm that's not going away.

"No i'm not even going to look it up. I'm scared to find out what it is," Simpson added.

A little research is not a bad thing according to Dr. Hanneken.

"Anytime the patient is more informed it's going to help in our discussion," Dr. Hanneken said.

Although the patient should not over analyze it.

"There is misinformation out there and those are the questions you need to bring to your doctor," Dr. Hanneken said.

So you decide, make an appointment or just Google it.
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