Three Rob Wal-Mart

Three Rob Wal-Mart

SHELBYVILLE - Police are asking for your help to catch three people who have robbed two Illinois Wal-Marts. 

Three people in a Chevy Traverse missing a front license plate park in the lot of the Shelbyville Wal-Mart. 

Two men walk into the store: One man with a cane and a younger man. 

The man with the cane distracts the store clerk at one register while the younger man goes to the next register opens the cash drawer with a key and makes off with fifteen hundred dollars.

The two leave, get into the passenger side of the vehicle and drive away.  
Shelbyville Police Chief Dave Tallman says the suspects hit a store in southern Illinois just two days before.  "You can tell they're very well versed at what they're doing. Very smooth, very deliberate, and very quick," Tallman says.   
If you have any information on who these people may be  call Shelby County Crime Stoppers.
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