High Schoolers Will Learn CPR, to Use AEDs

DECATUR-Teaching students how to save lives has now become law in Illinois.  It's a law signed Thursday, called Lauren's Law. 
    Lauren Laman collapsed during high school drill team practice in 2008 and died.  None of the students knew how to use an automated externadefibrillatoror which could have saved her life. 
    Since then, her parents lobbied for a bill that would require high school students to be certified in CPR and to know how to use an AED.
  Thursdayursday morning, they got their wish when governor pat quinn signed that bill into law.  
    It requires high school students to be trained in CPR and to use an AED.  
    Thelearning learining this through their health or physical education classes. 
    Governor Quinn says expanding access to AED's over the years has been good, but that more people need to know how to use them.     
    "We want to be the number one state in the union when it comes to saving lives with AED's and CPR," Quinn said. 
    Students can opt out if parents submit a written objection. That law kicks in for the 2014-15 school year. 
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