SOHO Music Festival Celebrates 10 Years of Giving Back

Rocking out for charity!  It's been the main mission of the SOHO Music Festival for ten years.  Usually all the proceeds go to one organization.  But this time around, organizers wanted to take it up a notch.

"I actually said, why does it have to be one charity," said coordinator, Jolene Aldus.  "Why don't we do 10 years ten charities."

All the money raised usually goes to Mini O'Beirne Crisis Nursery.  But this year, the group is happy to share the wealth with so many great charities.

"They all have special pockets of services that they provide, that are unique to the community," said Karen Cox.  "And I think it's great that we're all working together for this event and the more people SOHO can help, I think is great.

Share the Spirit is one of the newbies.

"We help families and children in need with new shoes," said Share the Spirit spokeswoman, Tonya Voepel.  "And so we give them the opportunity to go in and shop for new shoes.  And a lot of kids have never ever had the opportunity to do that."

Many also came out in support of the Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation.   These implants provide sound signals to the brain of people with damage in their inner ear.

"My daughter was born with one year only so I know that she'll have to get a cochlear implant one day and that's important to me," said one festival-goer.

Rain poured the entire day, but festival- goers say they weren't going to let it stop them from giving back.

"It doesn't matter that it rained all day, and that the forecast is rain all day.  Because everyone's still here.  The music is still here.  We're still here!  It's a big deal!

A big deal to so many people in need. 
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