Clinton Hospital Employees Concerned about Jobs and Patients

Clinton- Some employees at John Warner Hospital in Clinton said they are unsure about the future of their jobs.

A small group of union workers told WAND on Monday that an interim CEO from Indianapolis has been in Central Illinois for about a month and he is trying to change how the hospital operates in order to cut costs.

Even though their jobs are up in the air, employees said their biggest concern is for their patients' safety, convenience and cost.

Linda Koberlein is a medical technologist at the hospital and she said, the interim CEO wants to have two nurses on days and two on evenings, one  respiratory therapist in-house during the day time and this is less than what they have now.

"Nurses would probably be i'm assuming be cut. Respiratory it takes away from their jobs and they are going to be losing money because of the tests that it takes two respiratory therapists to do in-house, they can't because it's only one allowed to be here. It just doesn't make sense," Koberlein said.

As for the laboratory, the interim proposed a 10-percent budget cut. While other areas have to cut about 5-to-7 percent Koberlein added. Which is a big issue for a small hospital she said.

Sixty percent of routine lab work will not be done at the hospital. The hospital could save money by sending routine testing out to another laboratory.

WAND reached out to the hospital's director of business development and a call back was not returned.
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