Dredging Project On Budget, Schedule

    DECATUR-The nearly 100 million dollar project to dredge Lake Decatur is on time and on schedule.  That's according to the city manager. 
    Workers are busy building a pipeline near lost bridge road in Decatur that will carry sediment from the lake all the way to the Oakley sediment site nearly eight miles away.   
    There's also work being done in Oakley to get it ready to receive it all. 
    City Manager Ryan McCrady says they will be doing the actual dredging in the fall--but plan to give boaters an update on what to expect and what areas to avoid next month.
    "By that time, the contractor will have a much better expectation about where that pipeline is going to be," McCrady says.  "We thought it would be important to let the public know what to expect when they're on the lake."
    McCrady adds that 25 out of the 27 hourly workers on the project are local and the contractors are working within their agreements.
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