Do Men Want Paternity Leave?

What's the definition of a real man? We all have our answers. Does that mean he has to work while the mother enjoys maternity leave? Or is it acceptable for a father to have paternity leave?

Brett Holzwarth said, "I think it would be great. They definitely like to spend time with their babies."

Holzwarth is the proud father of a four-month-old baby girl. He said, he would love paternity leave paid or unpaid.

"Either way just the time is great to have with your newborn," Holzwarth added.

New dad Lucas Randol wants his finances right before he accepts unpaid time off to help raise a child.

"Given the ability that I had the money and I could afford to take it off myself, I probably would," Randol said.

During a job interview, does the question even come up?

"It was definitely not on my mind when I was looking for a job," Holzwarth said.

Maybe not for Holzwarth, but 60 percent of the dads, who all had at least one child under age 18, said paternity leave is an extremely important consideration when evaluating a new employer. However only 14 percent of U.S. Employers offer paid leave for new dads, according CNBC.
New dads working for Facebook receive four months of paid leave. While Yahoo offers eight weeks.
Though some moms think men would take advantage of the time off.
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