Strict e-cigarette restrictions supported by AMA

CHICAGO - The nation's largest doctors' group is seeking strict limits on electronic cigarettes, and is pledging to use its lobbying power to ensure those restrictions are put in place.

On Tuesday, the American Medical Association agreed to support restrictions proposed by the Food and Drug Administration on the buying, packaging, and advertising of e-cigarettes.  Those include warning labels and a ban on selling to minors.

The AMA is also urging restrictions on e-cigarette flavors that could appeal to children, like cotton candy and bubble gum, along with childproof packaging.  The FDA hasn't ruled out regulations on sweet flavors in addition to its proposals announced in April.  However, the organization also wants more information on e-cigarettes.

Research on the health effects of e-cigarettes is scarce.  They use vapor infused with nicotine, which can be addictive.

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