Could Cell Phone Use Reduce Your Sperm Count?

You know that cell phone you keep in you pocket everyday?  Researchers overseas suggest that keeping it in there too long may lower a man's sperm count.  Some doctors, however, aren't buying it just yet.

"I'm aware of the UK report," said urologic oncologist, Thomas Tarter.  "I think that that has to be confirmed.  I don't know that electromagnetic energy has been studied in a rigorous way to say don't use cell phones."

Dr. Tarter says the primary threat to sperm production is something else.

"What we do know is that is that sperm production is temperature related," said Tarter.

Heat.  Exposing your genitals to high levels of heat can cause harm.

"The temperature of the testicles has to be a degree or 2 cooler than body temperature in order to stimulate sperm production," said Tarter.

Dr. Tarter says there are a few common practices that keep men in jeopardy of endangering sperm production.

"If a man wears very tight shorts, that is going to have an effect on warming."


"We would advise men to avoid long periods of time in hot tubs."

Also avoid keeping your laptop on your lap, instead of a desk.

"Everyone has a laptop.  Everybody knows how warm they can get."

Everyday practices that aren't tough to change.      Doctors say, the average couple should be able to conceive within one year of trying.  If you're still unsuccessful after a year, it's time to see a specialist.

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