Southern Illinois copper tubing company sued over environmental issues

BELLEVILLE - A manufacturer of copper tubing based in southwestern Illinois is being sued for allegedly releasing cancer-causing toxins into the environment for several decades.

The lawsuits were filed in St. Clair County last week, and represents approximately 100 people who live near the Cerro Flow Products site in Sauget.

The plaintiffs allege Cerro has released furans and dioxins into the air through the burning of contaminated scrap items.  In the lawsuits, the company is also accused of releasing wastewater into nearby Dead Creek since at least 1927.

Also claimed in the lawsuits is that the contamination has caused cancer and other life-threatening diseases in nearby residents, and that the company knew about the health risks but did not warn anyone.

Cerro hasn't filed a response to the allegations, and the company's president, Matthew Snyder, declined comment Friday.

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