Piatt County Fair Stays Successful Year After Year

CERRO GORDO--For more than 60 years, the Piatt County Fair has drawn thousands of people to its ground, and by the looks of it, this year will be no exception.

At first glance, the fair might seem small, but don’t let its size fool you.

“Between 5000 to 7000 people probably come,” said Carol Kussart, who serves as treasurer of the county fair board.

“We come to the fair each year,” said patron Dena Huddleston. “Because I am a sixth generation from Piatt County, so we feel that the longstanding history of our fair is something to come out and see. And each year it gets better and better.”

Because the steady stream of patrons brings a steady demand for exciting attractions.

“It used to kind of be more about the agriculture side,” said Huddleston. “But now it seems to be more about the strength of communities when they come together.”

“We have our livestock shows, the queen pageant, the tractor pulls, inflatables,” said Kussart. “Also concerts in the beer barn.”

But big events come with big price tags.
“Somewhere between $65,000 to $70,000,” said Kussart. “Just for fair week expenses.”

A cost that’s covered by fundraisers year-round and the volunteers that organize them.

“The fair is not profitable,” said Kussart. “It takes the fundraising to provide the funds to have the fair be a success.”

Because the people profiting are the ones who come out and get their fill.

“Even though there's not a whole lot here you see everyone come together,” said patron Candy Wilderman. “And just hang out with each other and support everything they can.”

And that support it what keeps the Piatt County Fair going year after year.

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