Student-Run Restaurant Coming to Decatur!

It's a first for the culinary art students at Richland Community College.  Starting next year, they'll run a full service restaurant on campus and they're ready for the challenge.

"Overwhelming excitement!" said student chef, Mike Stubblefield.  "Just the idea of being able to actually serve the public in a new way and be able to get this kind of experience."

Students got their first dose of public opinion on Wednesday at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the restaurant.  It's called Bistro Five-Thirty-Seven.

"We're going to run the back of the house.  We're going to run the kitchen.  We'll run the front of the house.  Wait on the customers," said Stubblefield.

The bistro will offer a different menu every month!

"The menu is going to evolve throughout the semester, so we're going to start with some simpler dishes, and then as the semester goes along the dishes will become more complex," said Stubblefield.

Fellow student chef, Edwin Clark, said "It's nice to keep something different to keep people coming.  They're not coming and getting the same thing everytime.  Everytime you come in here, you're going to get something new."

And if this sounds good.. "I did a fajita stuffed chicken.  Made the fajita fixing, stuffed it into a chicken breast, and then made a sauce on the top," said Stubblefield.

You better give Bistro Five-Thirty-Seven a try.
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