Myth: Ice Unsafe for Dogs

 DECATUR-A viral Facebook post has been terrifying dog owners.
    You may have seen it online -- it says if your dog drinks ice water it can kill him.  
    Dog owners--don't fret.  This is a myth.
    You might have seen it on Facebook or in an email--it reads no ice water for dogs must read ASAP .
    It's a compelling story-- a dog owner's beloved pet almost dies from bloat after lapping up ice water.
     Bloat--when the stomach fills with air and twists--can be a serious even fatal condition for a dog.
    But vets say it has nothing to do with ice water and that ice water itself is not dangerous for dogs.
    "If it's summertime and the dog is real hot, I would probably use cool water, not ice water," says Northgate Veterinarian Larry Baker.  "I don't think the ice water would hurt anything, but the only thing the ice could possibly do, the ice could fracture teeth."
    The article on the internet has been around since 2007.  Although this past week has made a big comeback.

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