New Internet scam in Coles County


COLES COUNTY - The Coles County Sheriff's Office is warning local residents about an Internet scam.

Coles County Sheriff Darrell Cox says a company posing as a tech-support team has been sending interactive messages to residents via the Internet.  In the messages, the company tells the individual that a virus or "some type of issue" has been identified on their computer.

Cox also says the organization refers to itself as "PROTECHSQUAD" or "Techhelpline," and sends the message with a promise to "clear up the problem" for $99.99, using either a credit card or bank-account number.  The company will even supply a phone number to call to complete the transaction.  So far the numbers have started with 985 and 855 area codes.

According to Cox, the group may be contacting people in various forms, and that this company has been known to lock up computers by using remote access to the computer.

If residents receive a message or call similar to the one shown above, they should not respond.  If there are any concerns about a scam, please call your local law enforcement.

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