Good Posture Has Health Benefits


DECATUR-From boosting your mood to reducing joint and back pain, correcting bad posture can have health benefits.

But in a world where we're glued to electronic devices, it can be a challenge.

At the Back Institute in Forsyth, Dr. Kimberly Sheppard says the majority of people coming in have postural complaints.

She says many people are hunched over computers or other devices all day.

In fact, she says more and more teens have been coming to her office, because they spend so much time in a stooping position. 

She says some of the most common problems are headaches, neck tension, and low back and wrist pain.

Dr. Sheppard says the best place to start improving your posture is in the office.

"Start at your desk," Sheppard says.  "Make sure your computer is directly in front of you, make sure that you have a footrest if you need it, keyboard is directly in front of you at 90 degrees. paying attention to your posture, keeping your shoulders back"

She says to correct your posture, it takes a lot of focus

Proper posture is ears over shoulders, over hips and knees. In other words, standing or sitting up straight.

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