Emerald Ash Borer Here To Stay

Decatur – They have killed millions of trees in North America.  They have taken up residence in Decatur and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

“They will be here as long as there’s ash trees,” said Decatur City Forester Randy Callison referring to the emerald ash borer.

The emerald ash borer is a small green beetle.  They came from Asia.  Possibly in wood used for shipping crates.  The first in the United States were discovered in Michigan in 2002.  They are now becoming an annual headache in central Illinois.

It’s believed they may have come into Decatur in something we use frequently each winter.  “We think they probably arrived in a load of firewood,” Callison told WAND News.  “Ash wood is great for fires.  The trees dead anyway, why not take the ash?”

How many trees have died in North America is uncertain, but the number is likely staggering.  “Millions of trees,” stated Callison.  “All the way up into Canada.”

Callison suggests treating your trees immediately to prevent an emerald ash borer infestation.  Followed by annual treatments each spring. 

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