Soccer Fans Cut Work; Watch Team USA Thursday

 Springfield - For workers at Buffalo Wild Wings, Thursday was another day on the job, but for many of the soccer fans in attendance, it was a day away from the office.

"I took two hours off.  I've got to go back at 1, I'll watch the game, and after the win, I'll go back to work," said one fan.

For some, they brought the office to the game.

Fans of all ages packed the local eatery for Thursday's match up between Team USA and Germany.

"We're really excited for them and want them to make it to the knockout round of 16," said one young fan.

A Team Germany fan added,"people getting world cup fever definitely helps."

While there were plenty of people who admitted to skipping work to watch the game, many of them didn't want to be filmed.

There was one man, a business owner, who took time out to watch the game, and wouldn't be upset if his employees did the same.

"I would totally understand.  They didn't, but if they did want to stay home and watch the game I'd totally understand.  You know, it's every 4 years and you've got to support your country and I think we've got a chance to win," one fan told WAND News.

Even though Team USA didn't come out on top Thursday, they will live to see another day.  They'll play July 1st, giving plenty of people another chance to call in sick. a least for one more day.
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