National Corvette Show Comes to Champaign!

 Corvette lovers, this is your weekend! Thousands of corvettes from around the country are on display in Champaign, at the 41st Annual Bloomington Gold Show.

They've come from near and far.. an american icon..

"It really really is," said Gary Dewulf.  

Originally from Michigan, DeWulf brings his corvette to competitions like this all around the country.  His love for corvettes began decades ago.

"I knew I was going to vietnam and I said, I'm going to have one of those.  When I get back from Vietnam, I'm going to have one of those."

What started as a single goal turned into a lifetime passion.  Dewulf says preparing for these shows takes a lot of dedication.

"It's a learning process and is a studying process.  You have to go to the books."  

David Harris has owned the  car he's competing with for nineteen years.

"The shape of them," said Harris.  "The shape of this car. The body shape for this style.  They're beautiful."

He's confident he'll get a high score.

"They like more original parts on the car so I've put a lot of that stuff back," said Harris.  "That's why I think I'll do good."

But, he's not the only one expecting gold.

"It's been judged before and has done very well," said Dewulf.

All the corvettes will be judged Sunday afternoon.

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