Law Enforcement Prepares for Busy 4th of July Weekend

 Rescue workers and law enforcement agencies are preparing for a big weekend ahead.  They say the 4th of July raises specific concerns.

"The biggest thing we probably have more of is the report of illegal fireworks, bottle rockets, and fire crackers," said Battalion Chief, Mike McGeehon.  "Stuff like that being shot off."

Traditional fireworks that explode are illegal to use unless you have a permit.  In the city of Decatur, only 12 have been issued.  Still, many obtain fireworks anyway.

"Once they're continuously lighting off bottle rockets where it's lasting all day long or they're setting them off in an unsafe nature, then the people will be calling us saying hey this is a little out of hand, here," said Lt. Jamie Belcher from the Macon County Sheriff's Office.

And law enforcement officers say this isn't the only crime that increases during the holiday weekend.

"We will more than likely see an increase in calls for service as far as alcohol-related events.  We'll also, see maybe an increase in domestic violence crimes," said Belcher.

And to make sure that everyone's emergency's are taken care, manpower is increased.

"If we don't have enough people to handle the calls for service, then the people that are hear working, are just running ragged, not being able to keep up with calls for service," said Belcher.

They also stress to be very alert when grilling food and cautious when boating on the lake.  

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