This Week In Chic: Summer Swag


I am so sorry that I've been M.I.A. for two weeks! Two weeks ago was Bean's birthday and we were celebrating in Florida with all of her God and Grandparents! Last week I was working on my three part series where Bean and I were learning how to swim. My time to upload and blog was swallowed whole by editing and writing those stories. By the way, check them out right here on the site!

Huge fan of the summers here in Decatur. We actually moved here 3 years ago this month! I love that it's here in comparison to Florida. It can get so MUGGY there! It's insane! Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, I'm posting a look from The Limited In Hickory Point Mall. They're having an awesome sale right now.....I'm just sayin' ;-). Anywho, Have a fabulous fourth, and until next time, may the fierce be with you!


Blouse, Shorts, Bag, and Pendant Necklaces from The Limited at Hickory Point Mall (ON SALE!)

Earrings: Ebay

Gold Headband: Sophie and Ava

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