Police Gearing Up for Holiday Travel

 Springfield - Alcohol and driving, two things that just don't mix.

Plenty of people will consume alcohol this holiday weekend, and police will be waiting, ready to arrest those willing to risk lives by getting behind the wheel drunk.

"A lot of studies have shown that judgment's the first thing to go when you start drinking.  We'll have our normal officers out and about, and we do have advanced patrols.  Those guys will be out as well on the holiday weekend," according to the Springfield Police Department's sergeant of traffic services Charles Kean.

If you are going to be drinking this holiday weekend, Sergeant Kean says there are some obvious alternatives to becoming a statistic of a dui accident or a dui arrest, and that's simply being smart, either have a designated driver or use a cab.

"Have a plan so that there is something in place and it's not being done on the fly.  So, if you're going to go to a party, you have a designated driver, which is the preferred thing that we would like people to do.  If you have to, and you're at a friends house, spend the night," said Kean.

Advice that some drivers will be taking.

"If I do drink, I'll take a cab, or one of the buses," one driver told WAND News.
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