Lawmaker Wants Consumer Fireworks Sales In Illinois

Decatur – It’s the 4th of July weekend.  Time for baseball, hot dogs, hamburgers.  But in Illinois fireworks are illegal.

If you want to buy fireworks you have to cross the border into another state, make the purchase, and then sneak back into Illinois.

“Why are we sending people from Decatur to Covington, Indiana to buy fireworks?”  State Senator Chapin Rose, (R) Mahomet, asks.

Rose is drafting legislation to legalize the sale and purchase of fireworks here in Illinois.  He believes he can get bipartisan support for his bill.  A measure that could generate $3 million to $12 million a year in retail sales tax revenue from fireworks sales.

“Virtually every state around us is selling fireworks and our people are buying fireworks.  And we’re losing out on that income.  We’re losing out on the sales tax income.  We’re losing out on the jobs that are created.”

Revenues generated from the sale of fireworks would be shared with soil and water conservation districts, county-level agriculture extension offices, emergency medical services (EMS) and rural fire departments.

A bill legalizing firework sales will be introduced into the legislature next spring.

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