Protecting Mt. Zion Development with the Beltway Project

The Southeast Macon County Beltway that will pass through the Village of Mt. Zion has been in the works since the 90s. Since then, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent preparing that area to build subdivisions. So now village members are rethinking the first layout.

"We want to protect the properties to us that development because it's good for Mt. Zion, Macon County and the school district," said the Village Administrator Julie Miller.

The developer and homeowners who live in the Silver Leaf Estates want the route moved south of Craft Road. 

Miller said, if it is built about a quarter of a mile north, "15-20 years down the road it could have a negative impact on property values."

The next phase is an environmental study that will take about 18 months.

"We are all expending $40,000 each, with a $160,000 total to do an environmental impact study to actually move this alignment," Miller added. "It's been 1997 to 2014 already so it could be another 20 or 30 years before you would ever see anything."

A resolution to the project was voted on and passed Monday night at a village meeting. Now it has been agreed that the beltway "should be realigned so that it does not interfere with Silver Leaf and/or the future development considerations of Mt. Zion."

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