Springfield in Running for Dog Park Prize Money

 Springfield - Barker Park is nothing more than an empty field right now, but when you look around the neighborhood, you'll see support for turning this into Springfield's newest dog park.

Third place and second place will $25,000.

If chosen as the first place city, Springfield would win a $100,000 prize to realize those dreams.

Winning that $100,000 grand prize to turn this empty lot into a dog park will be much harder than the proverbial 'walk in the park,' that's why supporters are counting on you, the voters, to help out.

"Anything that we can do through this contest, I just encourage people, go vote for your community.  It just has been overwhelming the number of people who appreciate having a place to go where their dogs can socialize, and they can socialize, and enjoy a little time with their dogs off the leash.  We really need the community to come out strong," Springfield park board president Leslie Sgro told WAND News.

Currently, Springfield is in 3rd place out of 15 finalists.

Voting lasts until July 31st.
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