Dallas Beyer Murder Still Unsolved

 DECATUR- Police are asking for your help with an unsolved murder.
    74- year old Dallas Beyer was shot and killed in the bingo hall at the Macon County Fair Grounds in 2005.  Police say he was shot after a struggle over the cash box.  
    Although there were people cleaning up the hall at the time, no one saw the assailant shoot Beyer.
    Decatur Police Detective David Pruitt says they have several persons of interest in this case.
    "We have done countless follow ups on it," Pruitt says.  "We have went to prisons and talked to prisoners and things like that, people who may have information or that comes in to us.  But we are, as we discussed, always following up on leads call in with information.  Even if it's the littlest thing, that can be a great tip to help us in this investigation."
    They're asking anyone with information to call Macon County Crime stoppers or Decatur Police.

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