Identity Theft Generates Thousands Of Complaints To AG

Decatur – It seems there is a new scam virtually every day.  It’s a non-stop job for the Illinois Attorney General’s office.

“Roughly, the number I use, around 30,000 consumer fraud complaints every year,” stated Community Outreach Liaison Caitlyn Smith.

Since 2006 the most common complaint for the Attorney General’s office is identity theft.

“Identity theft is either our number one or number two complaint in terms of volume that comes into the office,” Attorney General Lisa Madigan told WAND State Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.

Madigan points to the massive credit card fraud discovered at retail giant Target last December.  “Well over 100 million people’s personal information, credit card and debit card information was stolen,” she said.  She says it is a problem at a lot of companies, “We frequently see circumstances where personal information from customers is not being encrypted.”

Madigan suggests consumers monitor their credit reports and keep track of credit card transactions, “You can put a transaction alert on your cards.  So every single time that card is used you’ll be notified.”

An unedited clip of Lisa Madigan’s interview concerning identity theft is available at  

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