Homeless People Moved from Under Bridge

     DECATUR-Back in June we told you about several people living under the Franklin Street bridge.
    This morning workers cleared out the occupants and their belongings.
    I-DOT workers came and cleared away the possessions of several people who live under the bridge.  They also power washed the concrete.
    Very little remains now compared to the camp that housed several people just a month ago.
    Reverend Stacey Brohard at the Good Samaritan Inn says IDOT does this periodically.
    "You know, I can understand it because it would be trespassing just like out on 72, there's a safety issue there they've got to deal with,"  Rev. Stacey brohard says.  "It does make it very difficult for the people under there because's they've found shelter and it uproots them to where they have to find shelter again."
    Local organizations are trying to assist these people by keeping them well fed.  Northeast Community Fund supplies the homeless with backpacks, which they fill with supplies

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