Urbana man apologizes for courtroom outburst

URBANA - An Urbana man who was sent to jail for six months for yelling profanities at a judge during his father's sentencing hearing has apologized for his behavior, and is asking the judge for his release.

In a letter, Willie Craft, Jr., 30, wrote that he was foolish during the hearing on July 9.

During the hearing, Willie Craft, 59, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for driving his truck into two University of Illinois students in 2013.  One of those students, Mimi Liu, died.

Willie Craft, Jr. shouted profanities at the judge, and was subsequently sent to jail for six months for contempt of court.

Craft's younger brother, Tyler Craft, 27, was released from jail Wednesday after serving eight days for yelling at Liu's parents.  No hearing has been set for Craft's request.

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