Your Internet Secrets, Not so secret

 I-TEAM-Odds are if you check e-mail, shop online, use search engines, or social media your personal information is being tracked and sold.
     "Their purpose is to target products and advertisements to you," says Cyber Expert John Bambenek.
    When you are on a web page, even though you don't see it happening other third party sites are siphoning your data.
Other companies will sell your personal information outright.
    "A lot of data brokers will give consumer data in bulk to people who pay for it," says Bambenek.
One of those data brokers is Exact Data out of Chicago.  You can buy lists that have detailed consumer information, everything from your demographic information to your medical history and especially your interests.
    On average they sell each name out for less than a dime.
    Bambenek says it's legal as part of a website's privacy agreement.
    "By using this, you allow us to track your interests, and sell that information, buy that information, do x, y, and z with that," Bambenek says.
    But what if you don't want to be tracked?  There are some sites to help.
One site is called Ghostery it shows who is tracking you and how to block some of those sites.  Another website "Find Me Online" shows you how to find your personal information.  And another website, Axciom even shows you your consumer profile.  
    But once your info is out there, they make it very difficult for you to delete it
    "If you're not paying for it, you're not the customer, you're the product being sold," Bambenek says.  
    Exact Data asked us to submit questions to their CEO.  They did not respond in time for air.
    If you'd like to use learn more about protecting your online privacy, we've added that to our website on site watch.

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