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Whistleblower Attorney offers a free downloadable eBook on whistleblowing

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Individuals who have information about fraud on the government can contact a whistleblower attorney.

San Francisco, USA – July 17, 2014

Kathleen Scanlan is a whistleblower attorney with the San Francisco based law firm of Keller Grover. Kathleen, who has more than a decade of legal experience in the field, has previously defined a whistleblower as “someone who blows the whistle on misconduct by reporting concerns about alleged, illegal, or fraudulent conduct to the appropriate authorities.”

Many who are in a position to expose fraud on the government make the decision not to. Some don’t do it out of fear of retaliation from the person or company involved in the bad practices; especially if they work for them, or even the possible legal ramifications if they somehow played a role. Others simply don’t realize they have the authority to do so, or are guaranteed protections under the law. And then there are those who may have concerns about bad business practices being carried out by those who have contracted with the government, but are not fully aware of what constitutes actual fraud or a major cover up.

According to Kathleen, whose law firm offers a free downloadable eBook on whistleblowing, there are various fields where a person may see wrongdoing against the government that constitutes fraud. These include healthcare, defense contracting, procurement, building contracting, pharmaceuticals, and more. Underpaying the government, presenting false claims of monies due, billing the government for work that has not been completed, issuing kickbacks or using bribes to win a contract, and inflating costs related to labor or supplies required to complete a contracted project are just a few examples of the types of fraudulent acts individuals may see on the job or witness in another capacity.

Reporting such activities are important. A person may not feel that they are being directly affected; however, the monies stolen on government contracts are the tax dollars that come out of the pockets of hardworking, ordinary citizens. Also, the quality of services or types of support provided by government agencies that many people turn to for help everyday are diminished when fraud becomes an issue.

As stated by whistleblower attorney Kathleen Scanlan in an interview, “a whistleblower who has information about a fraud on the government, will be able to use laws passed especially to encourage, protect, and promote that kind of whistleblowing.”

Individuals who have information about fraud on the government can contact a whistleblower attorney like Kathleen Scanlan for help with understanding how they can protect themselves legally when making the choice to expose related wrongdoing.

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