Kayakers Rescued from Sangamon River

 High water levels in rivers can be dangerous.  When the water rises, it collects tree branches and other debris from along the river bank. On top of that, high water levels increase the speed of the river's current, according to kayak salesman, David Corey.

"If the water is high enough, depending on where the tree is located along the bank, if the branch is hanging off, you know, you could catch on to that," said Corey.

That's exactly what happened Thursday afternoon when a group of kayakers were on the Sangamon River.  Rescue workers found members of the group outside of their boats hanging onto trees.

When a river gets too dangerous, authorities will close it. 

"Right now, parts of the Mississippi are closed because of all the rain Minnesota got," said Corey.

But this week, the Sangamon River remained open.  Leaving boaters to use the river at their own risk.

All of the kayakers in the accident were safely rescued.

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