The Cost of Flying is On the Rise Again

 The TSA Passenger Screening Fee, also known as The September 11th Security Fee, will more than double starting Monday.  It’s a fee that’s attached to every plane ticket purchased.  It's not out of the ordinary.  According to the Airlines Reporting Corporation, the cost of flying has increased 12% in the past 5 years.  Between April and May of this year, the cost of flying increased 6%, the steepest one-month increase in 15 years. Residents in Central Illinois are finding unique ways to cope.  Are they paying spiked prices at smaller airports or driving to bigger cities to shell out cash?

"I think people prefer to either take a shuttle up to Chicago or just go down to St. Louis," said one Decatur resident.

"No.  I have not flown out of Decatur," said another.

But that doesn't mean that all small-city airports are being ignored.

"I think people are still using regional airports such as Bloomington or Peoria,” said Decatur resident, Jo Anne O’Dell.  “But they have increased in cost."

Congress raised the TSA fees after getting rid of an airline security tax.  They’ll increase on Monday, but what does that mean for next season?  We'll just have to wait and see.

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