Champaign community mourns the second life lost to gun violence in less than a month

CHAMPAIGN – A young man is dead after a shooting in broad daylight Saturday afternoon. Now, residents in one Champaign neighborhood are asking ‘how did this happen?’

Friends say Rakim Vineyard was quiet, not confrontational, and a familiar face on North 6th Street. So the community is mourning his death in shock after the 22-year-old was shot down in the middle of the afternoon Saturday.

Vineyard was unresponsive when police arrived at the scene on the 1000 block of North 6th Street a little after noon. He was transported to Carle Foundation Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 4:47 PM.

Since then, the community has come together and memorialized the sidewalk where Vineyard was shot down, lighting candles and setting up stuffed animals in memory of the young father they say lost his life too soon.

“I don't know what can drive you to come up to a person, shooting them that many times and then not caring about nobody else,” said Chanell Pierce, who lives across the street from where Vineyard was shot and had a bullet strike her home in the crossfire. “Not even not just caring about the person who is your enemy, you didn't even care about the people in the neighborhood. So like what are people, what are they thinking nowadays? What is it coming to that you have to come out and shoot somebody?”

 On Saturday, Champaign police were searching for a man between the ages of 17 and 25, about 5’ 9”, last seen wearing a white shirt and blue jean shorts or pants.

An autopsy for Vineyard is scheduled for Monday.

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