Trashed - City Seeks Legal Action Against Homeowner

Decatur – Flies, bees, a bad smell and roaches.  Not from a landfill.  It’s all at a Decatur home.

The city of Decatur initiated legal action Monday against the owner of a home at 1216 West King Street after neighbors complained about an invasion of roaches.  The pests appear to be attracted to large amounts of garbage on a front porch and spilled on a lawn near the street.

“I just hope that somebody does something,” neighbor Paulette Frazier told WAND News.  “It’s a hazard for all of us around here.”

WAND observed a trash hauler working the street.  He did not pick-up at the home with the garbage laying outside.  Neighbors say this particular house has been a problem for years. 

“They just invade my house,” neighbor Todd Ehrett said of the roaches coming into his home.  “Night time … if I was to go out with a flashlight you’d see them crawling up my foundation.”  Ehrett says his home is sprayed once a month but it’s like the roaches are “immune” to the insecticide.

“Roaches are in everyone’s yard,” Frazier complained.  “The roaches are going everywhere.  They’re in peoples garages.  Their homes.”

The city declined to say what the next step is after initiating legal action.  But action against the homeowner could come in the next several days.

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