City Looking to Plant Bio-Energy Grass

     DECATUR- City council could vote to spend a quarter of a million dollars on grass that could be turned into fuel.
    The Corley Landfill closed back in 1995.  Now the city owns that land and would like to use it as a bio-energy test plot.
    The city would take sediment from the alley basin and cover the land.  Then the Agricultural Watershed Institute would plant the bioenergy grasses.
    All of that comes at a pricetag 250 thousand dollars.
    "Well, even though the project is nearly 250 thousand dollars,” says City Manager Ryan McCrady, “it is funded by a state grant from the State Department of Natural Resources.”
    The city manager says the project would help prevent runoff from getting into the lake.  He says the goal would be for other landowners to follow suit.

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