Granting a Wish for a Girl Beating Cancer

Decatur- A Central Illinois girl's wish was granted from the Make-A-Wish foundation. 

Courtney Baker, 12, is battling Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. It is cancer of the lymph tissue. 

"She's just a normal kid. . . very active. [She] loves music, loves sports and she loves art," Carole Baker said.

If you let Courtney tell it, she can describe herself in two words.

"I think flamboyant would be one of the words for me. . . and bubbly," Courtney said.

"She doesn't let what happened define who she is," her mother added.

Her journey to beat cancer started when, "she was complaining of being tired and she a little bit of a cough and we thought it was allergies," Carole said.

However, it was far from allergies.

"She walked in to the ER and within a couple of hours she couldn't lay flat and was on oxygen," Carole added.

Now she travels back and forth to the Children's Hospital in St. Louis.

"On Mondays I have to take about 17 pills that are the same and then a few more and the rest of the days it's just about five," Courtney added.

In June, she was able to skip a trip to St. Louis and take a dream vacation to Japan thanks to Make-A-Wish Illinois.  

"My sister Haley works over there. . . and she's not able to come back home a lot," Courtney said.

Courtney and her family spent eight days and seven nights creating memories of a lifetime in Japan.

"Courtney is not Courtney with cancer. Courtney is just Courtney. . . I think she's pretty amazing," her mother told WAND.

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