$1 billion Illinois road repair plan signed by Governor Quinn

CHICAGO - A nearly $1 billion capital construction spending plan intended to repair roads and bridges in Illinois has been signed by Governor Pat Quinn.

The bipartisan measure was signed by Quinn on Tuesday, and will provide lawmakers with opportunities to attend ribbon-cutting ceremonies in an election year.  However, some legislators are concerned that the plan didn't offer details when the Legislature approved it.

Officials at the Illinois Department of Transportation say about 200 projects will be funded by the program, and that those projects could begin this summer.  The money being used is an extension to a six-year, $31 billion capital construction program.  Some transportation groups say the project will run out of money this year.  According to Quinn, the plan will create about 14,300 jobs.

Bonds will be sold to pay for the projects, with the loans being paid back with revenue from retired bonds.

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