Residents Voice Concerns at a High Speed Rail Meeting

Lincoln- Construction is underway across Illinois as crews make way for a high speed rail from Chicago to St. Louis.

Employees from the Illinois Department of Transportation were in Lincoln on Tuesday at the Knights of Columbus hearing the concerns of community members.

"We are interested in the safety and the accessibility of the high speed rails. The overpasses anandhe accessibility for anybody with a disability," Pete Roberts said.

"Right now the trains are rocky and it's not necessarily unsafe, but it's also not terribly comfortable," added Ann Ford.

Roberts and Ford are advocates for people with disabilities. They came ready to voice their concerns at the public meeting.

"People on the train, I know they are all unhappy with me because I'm the last one on and they have to bring the lift down and get me on and pump it up, so that would be a tremendous help if it was a level entry," Ford said.

Scott Speegle, the Passenger Rail Marketing Manager for IDOT gave them the answers they were hoping for.

"The new train cars will have lifts on the cars and automatic doors that will be much easier in terms of accessibility," Speegle told WAND.

The high speed rail between Chicago and St. Louis is expected to be nearly 300 miles long. By the end of 2015, a majority of the construction for the rail will be done between the corridor of Joliet and Carlinville.

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