Blood donors needed to help local hospitals meet patient needs

URBANA - In order to ensure enough blood to serve patient needs at local hospitals, Community Blood Services of Illinois is asking prospective blood donors to donate.

According to CSBI officials, factors that have contributed to the recent decline in donations include the inability to schedule blood drives at high schools and colleges during the summer months and increased activity and busy summer schedules within the Community Blood Services donor base.

CSBI provides blood and blood components in Champaign-Urbana and other communities around the region, and officials are concerned about the potential impact of a decline in donations.  All blood types are needed, but the Blood Center is hoping to see increased donations of type O-negative and type AB blood donors, as those blood and plasma donations, respectively, can be used with patients of every blood type.

Prospective donors are urged to make an appointment to give blood by calling Community Blood Services at (217) 367-2202.

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