Church Owned House An Eyesore

Farmer City – God’s creatures live here.  Animals, bugs, bees and birds. 

The problem?  It’s an unoccupied house in a residential neighborhood and it’s owned by a church.

“It’s an eyesore of the neighborhood,” neighbor Shanna Bennett told WAND News.  “Yeah, we’ve contacted, try to contact the owners to pretty much see what can be done about it and we’ve gotten nowhere.”

WAND News contacted the church.  The Pastor says the home was obtained by the church recently.  When asked if the property would be repaired soon he was vague about any future plans.

“It’s always overgrown.  It’s caving in on itself,” said next door neighbor Shelby Kilpatrick.  The roof on the rear of the house appears to be near collapse.  The homes back door is missing allowing wildlife and pests to come and go freely.  Skunks are a problem.  “We’re constantly smelling it.  Constantly having to Febreeze our house to get the smell of skunk out of it,” Kilpatrick stated.

The house is located at 502 E. Richardson in Farmer City.

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