The Decatur Celebration is Less Than a Week Away!

Thousands of people, filling the streets of downtown Decatur.  It happens every year at the Decatur Celebration, an event packed with live music performances and all types of entertainment.  Many businesses surround the celebration, hoping to bring some of the crowd through their doors.

"It's great!  There are so many people coming from all over the place, coming back to the place that they're from," said Nikki Rambo, a sales associate for Dell's Popcorn.

Dell's Popcorn is one of several shops that see a boost in business during the celebration.  But food isn't the only thing selling, retailers, like All Things Beautiful, also see an increase in sales.

"On that weekend, I would probably do three times more than what i did during the week," said owner of the store, Sheryol Threewit.

But the reason may be that most retailers shut down.

"Some of the complaints that I got was we came to the celebration from out of town, hoping that we'd be able to shop in some of the stores.  And one of the biggest problems was the stores weren't open."

A few business owners stopped opening their doors on that weekend because of loitering.

"People kind of complain and say there's shoplifters and people just want to use the restroom," said Threewit.  "Well you have the option to tell them no.  All the restaurants stay open so if the restaurants are busy then the businesses should be busy.  Last year, I was open and Talbot's was open and Embroidered Expressions was open and they said they all did really well."

She's says the best part about staying open is knowing that the success of her store will impact the local economy.  The Decatur Celebration starts next Friday, August 1st and runs through the 3rd.

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