A Taylorville Building Collapses

 A bustling business is now in ruins.  The entrance of Too the Moon Tattoos in Taylorville is now pile of rubble.  And the owner of the shop says he missed the collapse by minutes.

"I came in this morning to tattoo somebody, but left my keys at home," said Jeff Graham.  "So I couldn't get it.  So I left and then somebody called me about 5 minutes after I left and told me that the front of the building fell off."

At 10:30, Sunday morning, the Taylorville Fire Department responded to a call that a building collapsed in the downtown area.  When they arrived they found the facade of a tattoo parlor destroyed.  The  Fire Chief is calling it a spontaneous collapse due to the old age of the building.

"There was not a fire nor impact to the building," said chief, Mike Crews.  "Unfortunately it just spontaneously came down but you have to keep in mind that a lot of these building we're built back in the late 1800's, early 1900's."

And this isn't a first for Taylorville.

"Some years ago we had a loss of one to two buildings on the east side of the square," said Crews.

Over the next few days,  inspectors will determine whether the remaining structure can be restored, or if it needs to come down.  The owner of the store next door are hoping they don't have to lose a neighbor.

They're just starting out as a business and I hope they don't let this interfere with what they were trying to do, and I wish them the best," said Linda Farris.

She's not the only one staying optimistic.

"Things will get better," said Graham.  I'll rebuild it and start over."

The community is thankful that it was just a building, and not a life.  Law enforcement officials say the earliest that businesses near the collapse can reopen is Tuesday.

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