New Illinois OL Coach Working With Short Timeline Ahead of Practice Season

 CHAMPAIGN - It's a short turnaround for the Illinois football program's newest staff member.

Offensive line coach Tom Brattan won't have a whole lot of time to et ready for the season, hired just two and a half weeks before practice begins.  He replaces A.J. Ricker, who left for the same position at Missouri.

Brattan, who spent 13 years as an assistant as Maryland said it's unwise to try and come in thinking he can change things to suit his own coaching style.

"What I've tried to do is see what they were taught in their calls and then adapt what I have.  Rather than coming in and saying, 'No guys, we're going to make these our calls.' So communication's huge," said Brattan
 I think more importantly than that is just developing relationships with your players."

"We have been able to use these last two weeks that Tom gets on the field with the lineman, and kind of gets them familiar with individual drills and those sorts of things.

Practice starts August 4th.
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