Ohio-based company to restore Scovill Zoo carousel

DECATUR - An Ohio company that hand-carved animal figures for a carousel at a central Illinois zoo over 10 years ago is giving those figures a touch-up this week.

The Mansfield, Ohio-based company, The Carousel Works, is restoring the carousel at Decatur's Scovill Zoo.

According to Zoo Director Ken Frye,some visitors have been disappointed to find the carousel closed while the 30 figures are repainted and varnished.  Frye also says he hopes that people realize that the maintenance is necessary to keep the carousel looking its best for future generations.

Dan Jones, co-owner of The Carousel Works, says the company recommends touch-ups for its carousels every couple of years, and that Scovill Zoo's carousel has help up well since the installation of the figures in 2003.

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