New baby red panda at Scovill Zoo

DECATUR -- Scovill Zoo is now home to a new baby red panda.

Assistant director Ken Frye made the announcement, saying the new male red panda is the offspring of the zoo's red pandas Clay, 6, and Kaydee, 2. Kaydee gave birth to twins on June 27th, but the female baby red panda did not survive.

The new baby is named Tusa, which means "baby bamboo shoot" in Nepal. He will stay in or near the nest for the first three months, then be on display periodically as he's weaned from his mother. Zoo guests won't see the baby regularly until late September.

Red pandas are part of the Species Survival Plan for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Scovill Zoo’s male red panda, Clay, was born at the Erie Zoo in Pennsylvania. Kaydee was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo. The pair were chosen to become first time parents because of their genetic diversity.

You can see the red pandas during regular zoo hours. For more information, call Scovill Zoo at 421-7435 or visit
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